If it smells of oil or Petrol ...its in the shed.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

My favourite meeting place Founders day.

This years theme for 2017 Founders day was American Motor Cycles, and these three machines deserved my attention because to my eye Indians always appear Beautiful, magical and charismatic  Motor Cycles. Every year I am always amazed at how many old friends or new acquaintances I meet  more often than not in centre of this universe that is the Founders Day Auto jumble. Again this year our section was very lucky to have been given space for our club stand, and after an early damp start we ended up with a very presentable display. And as the weather got warmer the stand became a drop in centre for Friends, helmets, jackets and of course recent Auto jumble finds.

My Favourite meeting place, Founders day.

 If there is one thing I thought stood out at this years Founders day it was the amount of well turned out proudly displayed tiddler machines, most types of mopeds, Honda Cubs, Bantams and other small capacity machines. Is this a new growing trend or just coincidence? Maybe these smaller machines can give just as much pleasure riding and tinkering  than  larger machines that are becoming more expensive and possibly to a senior generation easier to handle in and out of the workshop...watch this space!

Monday, 10 July 2017

Rose of the Shires

Back in June I and two other friends decided to try the Sunbeam Motor Cycle Clubs  Rose of the Shires run. And what a lovely day it was meandering around the  finest Northampton shires country lanes. The run was super efficient and friendly with a very nice lunch stop ( plough mans lunch ) here are my fellow riders David Payne, Simon Dudfield and my self taking a post lunch a breather by my Cotton motor cycle.

Rose of the Shires

 Aha!  My Cotton is not alone, its not very often I see a fellow Cotton on  a ride. No two ever seem the same and mine is the scruffy one!

Rose of the Shires

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Spotted at a very hot Banbury!

Just a few images to show some of the machines that caught my eye at this years Banbury run, and as always on this magic day  a wonderful experience for  those who love and crave the sights, sounds and smells of vintage motorcycles.  Now I know the MV is not exactly vintage but I couldn't resist taking its photo, this is one of the those special  machines that used to have me drooling over the pages of my old copies of 'Bike' magazine as a youth...and I think just as fab (70's word) in the full flesh as on the printed pages of that once influential magazine.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Beside the Seaside 2017

 These few images show the 2017 Coventry to Brighton run as organised by the Midland section of the VMCC. Starting out side the Coventry motor museum and ending on Brighton sea front. And following  the  route down south to the seaside with occasional  stops for Tea and Cake, resting aching joints and of course checking maps  to check we were not lost. We returned  back home on the Sunday morning with Simon and myself enjoying  a very pleasant and scenic course...and as usual I just follow Simon, he is after all a professional lorry driver and knows all the best scenic highways and byways back to base. All in all a fantastic weekend that was  enjoyed by all and we even had decent weather and a big sit down meal and awards evening on Saturday night...perfect!

Stopping for lunch along the way and checking maps and route sheet.