If it smells of oil or Petrol ...its in the shed.

Monday, 11 August 2014

The Very Wet Parade

 After two weeks holiday  in Beautiful Dorset the weather on this years Coventry Parade did come as a bit of a wake up call. Standing in my  Garage for 30 minutes all dressed up in my finest wet weather gear  looking at the rain get steadily heavier,  I thought to myself  ' maybe  the rain will slow down soon' Pah!  By the time I arrived at Coombe Abbey Country Park I and many other brave riders were very very wet.   However  after splashing around the country lanes  for a while most people decided on an  early    lunch stop,  and partake  of some of the delicious hot and drink  food on offer.  
However although the weather was very challenging this didn't stop people turning up on some very nice and interesting machines. These images I managed to take between showers while  keeping my Camera under my jacket to prevent water logging. Latter on the Sun did come out and the roads started to steam as we rode our machines  back to Coombe Abbey. Latter Many people could be seen hanging onto the Gazebo during prize giving as strong winds tried to make  it air born.  All in all a great day ( slightly damp ) was had by all who attended. Many thanks to the organising team.


Monday, 21 July 2014

Another great day out at the VMCC Founders Day

Arrived nice and early at Stanford Hall for the 2014 Founders Day, it was only then that I realised that I had forgotten my Camera....Pah! what sort of reporter Blogger am I?   Then Jacqueline came to the rescue and let me use her Galaxy note, and to be fair Phones these day do take decent images....although no Selfies here today. Meet Johnny Rudge on the Rudge Enthusiasts Club stand.
This Gentleman was doing what a lot of people do during the course of the afternoon, and that is to ride around the Parade ring showing of their pride and joy, and also letting us hear each machines unique exhaust note... oh and if we are lucky the aroma of Castrol R.
 I do have soft spot for early Douglas motor cycles and these pair were very nice. The far one looks loaded up ready to go on a expedition, in fact possibly to the trenches of the First World War. Because one of the themes of Founders day was 1st world war machines and certainly  Douglas machines played an important roll in the Battle fields of France.


Now if I sold a Kidney, some family Silver ( plated ) sold off all of my possession's I could buy something beautiful like  this flat tank Norton, oh! did I mention I also have a soft spot for Vintage Norton's.