If it smells of oil or Petrol ...its in the shed.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Beside the Seaside 2017

 These few images show the 2017 Coventry to Brighton run as organised by the Midland section of the VMCC. Starting out side the Coventry motor museum and ending on Brighton sea front. And following  the  route down south to the seaside with occasional  stops for Tea and Cake, resting aching joints and of course checking maps  to check we were not lost. We returned  back home on the Sunday morning with Simon and myself enjoying  a very pleasant and scenic course...and as usual I just follow Simon, he is after all a professional lorry driver and knows all the best scenic highways and byways back to base. All in all a fantastic weekend that was  enjoyed by all and we even had decent weather and a big sit down meal and awards evening on Saturday night...perfect!

Stopping for lunch along the way and checking maps and route sheet.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

What I did in the shed this winter....and kitchen table!

This winter my dear old Cotton has a  received a little bit of tinkering ready for the forthcoming riding season. First was a jolly good top end strip down and de-coke  paying particular attention to the baked on Castrol 'R'  witch tends to cover every external nook and cranny. Then the valves were given a gentle lapping in, this work was carried out on my substantial kitchen table away from the winter cold and gloom. These small important operations give a chap something to look forward to after a  long working day.  The kitchen and its table make a very cosy and convivial work shop for the smaller work, along with radio 4 for company. Other shed work involved  new front brake and clutch cables, every tiny atom of stopping power is needed on these old bikes. I also repainted (brushed) the exhaust and silencer with stove paint purchased from a local country store...I do like a good country store!  Suffice to say I had a very good ride on our Spring run along some fabulous Warwickshire country roads and lanes.

The first run of the year...its spring time!

The first run of the year

The first run of the year....its spring time!