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Friday, 19 November 2010

Vintage Stock Car decals.

These stock car decals represent the early days of  British stock car racing, the chassis of the cars were starting to be of a separate construction with purposeful front and rear bumpers complete with Nerf bars. The original 'stock 'body's where now being  cut and shut  to create a lighter and narrower shape to clear the rear wheels. American V8s where becoming the engine of choice to give more power ,  with 4 short exhaust pipes sprouting from either side of the bonnet emitting  long daggers of blue flames clearly visible at night time races. No wonder when my dad dragged me to Coventry's 'Brandon' Stadium to watch my first stock car race i became so hooked , back at School i soon found i wasn't the only one interested in this fantastic  sport. Before long a group of us would cadge lifts to watch races at other circuits  around the country, Brafeild / Long Eaton / Belle Vue / and Harringay Stadium were  just a few. Posted by Picasa

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