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Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Story of the Motor Car

In 1885 a new invention, the petrol engine, was first used instead of steam to propel
a road vehicle.  A year later Gottlieb Daimler, another German, made a car driven by a
motor of his own design. These two men share the credit for an invention which was to
change the transport habits of the world. This quote is from the 1962 book
' The Story of the Motor Car '   a Ladybird   ' achievements ' book.
This book is another of my 50p Charity shop specials, this time while
on holiday in Devon.  This is typical of the sort of book I would have been
glued to in Primary School, with these wonderful illustrations so  typical
of Ladybird books of the period. The Illustrations are attributed to Robert Ayton,
and just look how well behaved those school boys are!

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