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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Hurrah Triumphs are rolling again!

When I was a young chap and totally addicted  to  Motor Cycles  mainly of the British Variety ( whats new!) Life was very simple indeed, One black leather jacket, two pairs of jeans and a well worn pair of Lewis Leathers Boots. I didn't own a Credit card or even a proper wallet, my weekly wages ( no monthly salaries then ) stuffed into my back pocket. And most of the time money burned a hole in my pocket and had to be spent at any of the local old bike shops. This was just before the Classic bike thing had started and so a lot of these old businesses still stocked parts for old Brit bikes mainly in the dark recesses of a store room.
One of these shops I used to frequent was Trophy Autos of Coventry, I had got quite friendly  with the young man who ran the shop, and after a bit of coaxing let me have this battered old poster Exclaiming " Triumphs are rolling again "   I have often wondered if its rare because I have never come across another one. Of course now I am sensibly grown up and responsible I  still  find myself addicted to old Motor Cycles, oily parts and long hours in the Shed.... I just have three pairs of jeans.

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Anonymous said...

I like this !! Very well said Dave!