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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Humber Public House, Stoke Coventry.

I must pass this Old Pub at least twice a week and thought it was high time I used it as a thread for some Humber Posts. I used to drink in this Pub years ago when I worked at the nearby Peugeot works and that was only in the lunch time on special occasions ..Birthdays, Redundancy's that sort of thing. And before   French car maker Peugeot occupied the factory on the Humber Road it was the American Car maker Chrysler, before that Roots Group /  Hillman Motors and before that of course Humber.  And although the Factories have now been demolished and replaced with new homes  I am pleased to say the Pub still looks to be a popular and well cared for Watering Hole.

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occhiolungo said...

The factories come and go, but the pub remains!