If it smells of oil or Petrol ...its in the shed.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Coventry Parade continued...

I am definitely a bit behind with my latest postings because the Coventry Parade is the VMCC
Warwickshire Sections premier event and this years was the clubs 58th and took place
on 11th August. The run starts at Coombe Country Park on the outskirts of Coventry.
Here we have Brian Thomas just arrived on his 1928 Norton Model CS1, Brian built
this machine up from parts...he started with an engine and then a frame.

Coventry Parade continued....

Now you have your machine at the start of the event,  you just have to work out how to attach your number so it wont blow of ....gaffer tape, zip ties or string?

Coventry Parade continued...

And of course the most important part of the event... the Lunch Break!

Coventry Parade continued...

This 1970 Suzuki AS50 was rebuilt by the owner Barry Heath from a pile of rusty pieces after
lying  under a car port for 26 years.....very nice machine!

Coventry Parade Continued..

Peter Browns 1955 Triumph Tiger 100

Kawasaki Model H1 of 1970 owned by Dave Sketchley who totally restored
the machine himself. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Coventry Parade Part 2

Love this overhead valve AJS spotted here at the lunch stop. The program says 1928 500cc K8, hopefully one day my own side valve AJS will grow up into one of these....better start saving!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Spotted at this years Coventry Parade

 1930  Rex-Acme 500TT 500cc

Frank Chapman comments about his machine.

Engine made for TT use only and available to purchase from Blackburn.
A maximum of 24 in 250, 350 and 500 cc sizes are believed to have been built. Available to companies like Rex-Acme, OK Supreme, Cotton, OEC,  HRD etc.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Vintage Motorcycle Club ' Warwickshire Sections' Autumn Run

 This is Frank and Alan putting the world to right,  Frank ( with drink ) is standing next to his
beloved 1929 Panther model 85. Frank purchased the machine as a rusty wreck in 1969 for £6.00
Panther only built this model for two years and it was the only model in the range that came
with a certificate guaranteeing that the machine would do a minimum of 85 MPH. 
Alan was the organiser of our Autumn run, and a great day it turned out to be...well done Alan.
And not all Velocette's are Black!

 This BSA Golden Flash has covered just 300 miles since being put back on the road-
   comes with a  with a very nice unrestored patina.
Steve's very nice Triumph enjoying the Autumn sunshine before the start,
he recently  rebuilt the engine after snapping a crankshaft.....but the bike  still got him home!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Travels with my new Camera.

The glorious late Autumn sunshine was a very good reason to visit the
Severn Valley Steam Railway, oh and I had purchased a new Camera.
For those interested I chose a tiny little Pentax Q10, that  can easily
be worn around my neck hidden under my Anorak....and yes I do wear
an Anorak when visiting a steam railway!

This was the view out of the carriage  window at Bridgnorth, the train viewed out of the window
is Metropolitan and is very old. In fact it used to pull trains in London on the
underground network.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

I do like a Good Unimog!

The Unimog was designed and developed after the second World War by Mercedes Benz, originally
to be used in agriculture and forestry situations, over the years there have been many versions of this
huge oversize Tonka like truck including military applications. I came across this later version while out on the Norton one Friday afternoon after work.

Or if you cant afford to buy a real Unimog how about a Lego version with over 2000 parts.
After all the long nights are getting nearer and we all need a good project or two. 

Monday, 26 August 2013

The Coventry Festival of Motoring 2013

The Coventry Festival of Motoring took place at Stoneleigh Park Warwickshire, this was only the second show at this new venue outside of Coventry and this year the Vintage Motorcycle Clubs
   'Warwickshire Section' was invited along  to display a selection of machines. Although Saturday was a quiet day with around seven bikes on display from our own members, Sunday we were joined by all the two wheel participants who were taking part in the afternoon run  around the lanes of Warwickshire. In fact with Classic Buses taking passengers to and from the show, a fly past by a Spitfire and a Hurricane and numerous Vintage and Classic vehicles filling the showground it turned out to be a great day. For our part we spoke with interested members of the public about the Vintage Motorcycle Club and exhausted my supply of Club Journals and enrolment forms....lets hope we managed to encourage new members to the fold.