If it smells of oil or Petrol ...its in the shed.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

A gathering in a Lay by.

This year Simon D and myself decided to organise  on the Bill Lacey run, we spent an evening after work of checking the route and making sure no  roads were closed or diversions in place.  Starting at the usual Lay By on the A423 Jacqueline got the members to sign on and give out the route sheets while I  walked around Gossiped, cooed at all the nice bikes and took some photographs.  Good job it is a good size Lay By because we had a good turn out of machines.

A gathering in a Lay by.

And its 10.30 and their off! After revving their engines, making lots of noise and smoke the assembled gang ( respectable motor cyclists ) wait for a gap in the traffic before roaring away...next stop Evenley village.

A gathering in a Lay by.

Eventually members of the  VMCC from many sections gather at the Red Lion Public house and  Village green at Evenley to honour Bill Lacey the Legendary Motor Cycle racer and record breaking pioneer.

A gathering in a Lay by.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Far from the Madding crowd

While on holiday this summer I came across this Vintage and Classic show in the grounds
of a Public School in Sherborne Dorset. In actual fact this school courtyard was used as a setting for a scene in the latest film  adaptation of Thomas Hardy's ' Far from the Madding crowd ' as can be seen there was a good turn out of interesting and highly desirable  Motor Cars, and also in the corner of a smaller school courtyard a fine gathering  of Classic Motor Cycles.  I always come away from Dorset wishing I had bought along a bike of my own to ride because the country lanes around this part of Dorset look particular inviting for old Motor Cycles..... maybe  its time to think about a tow bar and small trailer for such occasions.

Far from the Madding crowd

Seven go mad in Wales

Although we didn't have as many bikes on this years Wales run we certainly made up for it with dry weather, great scenery and virtually empty roads on some of the mountain stages. This view is the riders and machines  at rest by a reservoir ( one of many to be found in Wales). On the return journey Simon and myself found ourselves on wonderful bend strewn roads, perfect for his Royal Enfield and my Norton ES2. altogether a perfect end or wind down  to the Vintage riding year. Well done Alan for organising such a great weekend and his choice of an interesting route.

Seven go mad in Wales

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The 60th Coventry Parade

We had good weather, we had great food, and we had realy mixed gathering of machines, including this prety MZ at rest at the lunch stop.

THE 60th Coventry Parade

Brian Thomas turned out on his 1927 BMW R42
Martin Baylis ( holding a thing! ) and his 990cc Matchless powered Morgan Super Sports, he as owned this since 1970...I think he said he paid a few hundred pounds for it! ...very nice.

The 60th Coventry Parade

Brenda Hallard's  1913 AJS model B
A court yard with a view at the afternoon lunch stop.
Scott Browns 1897 Leon Bollee Voiturette, discovered in a scrap yard in 1934

Monday, 3 August 2015

My First Wrinkly Run.

Machines and riders gather in the morning prior to a 'Wrinkly Run'

My First Wrinkly Run

Recently my friend Simon and  I attended one of our sections 'Wrinkly Runs' ...it's
always good to have a day  off work!
We met at Alan's house for around 10.00 am, drank Coffee, placed a tick on the menu for food of the Pub for our lunchtime stop. And then all proceeded at an orderly pace across country from Northampton to Warwickshire, I think about 45 miles. However the interesting thing for me was that we didn't use a route card. Alan led the way and any second rider behind the leader would 'drop off'  off and show the direction at the next road junction, and then go to the back of the line of riders. Some other sections use this method and personally I found it more relaxing ride without having to try and read a card. I could be tempted to play truant from work more often! Many thanks to Alan Bailey for a great day.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

All the fun of the country fair

Always a favourite in our calendar is the Birdingbury Country Fair, and this year it was celebrating 25 years. Around the Warwickshire area there is no shortage of enthusiasts who every year support this show with classic  cars, bikes and any other interesting vehicle  they can bring along. Now I know modern Lorries and vans are very reliable and fast ect ect BUT they don't look half colourful as some of the older classic vehicles. Most in their day were hand sign written and meticulously maintained and contained a wide use of bright colours.    Roll up Roll up for the Circus! this wagon carried a huge generator presumably to power the Billy Smart's Circus. Great stuff!

All the fun of the Country Fair

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

My kind of fancy dress party.

For a couple of weekends in the year the Severn Valley Railway hold 1940s weekends, and the day we went along we were blessed with good weather and as usual a excellent turn out of people dedicated to  the cause. This gentleman seated was in charge of the Hospital coach situated in the sidings at Arley. Inside the coach..or is it wagon? was every conceivable medical instrument on display along with stretchers. bandages, medicines and a pair of Pyjamas.

The SVR 1940s Weekend

 Take care there Sir!  Because a unexploded bomb lies under the rubble of this hut in the yard of the Main station at Kidderminster, however every thing will be OK because any blast will be harmlessly deflected by these two  BSA M20s. After all a little bit of singed paint never stopped an M20!.
The Station Masters Cottage, I am such a sucker for old Cottages and flowers in pots.
Early start at Arley station means an early brew up, all provided with period Tea making equipment ( no Sugar for me ).

A member of the ARP stands guard at the entrance to an Air raid shelter at Kidderminster Station.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

All Change!

Its been a while since I last posted on this Blog, well the truth is I did a very big thing   recently, I moved house! and we all know what a stressful  and time consuming effort  that can be. However I have been very brave and got rid off lots of things I knew I would not need including at least 16 trips to the local charity shops and tip. But on the plus side I have moved to a very nice Bungalow on the edge of a village with perfect Vintage bike roads on my doorstep. When moving into a new property it is all ways a nice thing to buy a new carpet or washing machine.....but for me I bought a new Motor Cycle. And so here is my 1939 J.A.P. powered Cotton, we are still getting to know each other, with 4 local VMCC runs to its credit. Oh! and people say my new machine even smells nice, and thats because it runs on Castrol 'R'