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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Humber Public House, Stoke Coventry.

I must pass this Old Pub at least twice a week and thought it was high time I used it as a thread for some Humber Posts. I used to drink in this Pub years ago when I worked at the nearby Peugeot works and that was only in the lunch time on special occasions ..Birthdays, Redundancy's that sort of thing. And before   French car maker Peugeot occupied the factory on the Humber Road it was the American Car maker Chrysler, before that Roots Group /  Hillman Motors and before that of course Humber.  And although the Factories have now been demolished and replaced with new homes  I am pleased to say the Pub still looks to be a popular and well cared for Watering Hole.

The Humber Works Stoke 1911, Coventry.

This Photo is taken at the Humber works Stoke in Coventry, and is thought to be the production shop of the 350cc Twin.The Gentleman on the extreme left of the picture is Sam Wright who is shown astride his Humber machine in the lower picture. Love the 'pose' of the two chaps in the centre ...possibly standing on their work benches?

Humber Racing Motor Cycle

This wonder full image shows Sam Wright who is thought to be testing a 350cc V Twin at Coventry's Butts Cycle track, later in June 1911 he went to Brooklands where he competed in the Junior One-Hour TT Race on the very same machine.

Humber Aircraft

In 1908 the Humber Company announced that it was to start building Aircraft of the Bleriot XI type fitted with a 25 HP 3 - Cylinder semi radial Humber Engine.  It is believed that Le Blon and Lovelace monoplanes together with Sommer Biplanes were also produced. This  Image dated 22nd June 1912 shows a Humber Biplane with a 50 HP 4- cylinder water cooled engine. Two months Later all of the Humber stock of Aircraft  and  engines plus parts were to be auctioned off.

Humber Aircraft

Many Thanks to DB for the loan of the  publication Godiva's Heritage: Coventry's Industry by Albert Smith and David Fry. Simanda Press 1997.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Hurrah Triumphs are rolling again!

When I was a young chap and totally addicted  to  Motor Cycles  mainly of the British Variety ( whats new!) Life was very simple indeed, One black leather jacket, two pairs of jeans and a well worn pair of Lewis Leathers Boots. I didn't own a Credit card or even a proper wallet, my weekly wages ( no monthly salaries then ) stuffed into my back pocket. And most of the time money burned a hole in my pocket and had to be spent at any of the local old bike shops. This was just before the Classic bike thing had started and so a lot of these old businesses still stocked parts for old Brit bikes mainly in the dark recesses of a store room.
One of these shops I used to frequent was Trophy Autos of Coventry, I had got quite friendly  with the young man who ran the shop, and after a bit of coaxing let me have this battered old poster Exclaiming " Triumphs are rolling again "   I have often wondered if its rare because I have never come across another one. Of course now I am sensibly grown up and responsible I  still  find myself addicted to old Motor Cycles, oily parts and long hours in the Shed.... I just have three pairs of jeans.

The Poster showing Triumph Tridents ( Export versions )

My old Triumph poster, I've never seen another one like it. Possibly announcing the start of production of Triumph motor Cycles after the workers occupation of the Meriden site? http://www.sump-publishing.co.uk/t150%20trident.htm

Up the Junction at Trophy Autos

Friday, 23 November 2012

We had a drop of Rain in the night!

There is nothing better for blowing away the Workday  blues than a ride on an old Motor Cycle, and this Friday afternoon was free and belonged to me. Most of the roads were dry and bathed in sunlight but it was still a case for  'steady as you go' because some of the more sheltered lanes were still damp and covered in old leaves right on the spot where you wanted to plant your front wheel. But a great ride all the same. In the back ground is some of the localised flooding just outside the Warwichshire village of Eathorp the day after   torrential rain.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Autumn, A season of mists and mellow fruitfulness...

The Warwickshire  Section of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club held its Autumn run on October the 7th, and a very pleasant  and warm ( for time of year ) Sunday morning it was. I am a bit late reporting on this run, however as the nights get darker and the days get colder any Photo's with a bit of sunshine has got to be welcome. This is my 1959 Norton ES2 finished in the unusual Forest Green ( or Shrek to me ) She has good brakes, great handling and makes a pleasant noise....not to loud as to scare horses.  When I first purchased the machine it was my intention to remove the original Craven top box. But now it has become a very useful place to stash Spanners,Wax Cotton over trousers,spare bulbs, oily rags...even a bag of Cat food on the way home from work .... So maybe the box stays.

Autumn Run

A fine line up of assorted machines start to gather at the Rugby club for 2012 Autumn Run.

Autumn Run

Autumn Run

Big Port AJS one of my favourite  machines on the run.

Autumn Run

Autumn Run

Mr Frank Parker with his much loved LE.

Autumn Run

Friday, 12 October 2012

Better late than never! The 2012 Birdingbury Country Show

Because of this years rather damp summer many Steam Festivals had to be cancelled because of waterlogged ground. And the annual Birdingbury Country Festival was no exception, Postponed from July it eventually took place on the weekend of 29th and 30 September.  Many large factories in and around the Midlands usually had their own ' on site '  fire brigade  and the converted Land Rover above is a typical example.  In fact I remember a small collection of vehicles just like the one above when I used to work at the Jaguar Browns Lane Plant.

2012 Birdingbury Country Show

Although latter in the year it was still a great day out....and I even thought September a nicer light for taking photographs, even with my humble Camera.

2012 Birdingbury Country Show

And I loved this Military Vehicle! A massive big purpose full contraption  with a simple cab siting on  top parked nonchalantly in the corner of the field. And is it winking at me?

2012 Birdingbury Country Show

2012 Birdingbury Country Show

Monday, 24 September 2012

The Dispatch Riders....Winter Reading?

Picked this book up last week while in London at Spitalfields market, I had to buy it just for the front cover!
Is the Motor Cycle a Sunbeam?  I guess the only way to find out is for me to add the Dispatch Riders to my winter Reading list.

The Dispatch Riders

The Dispatch Riders

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Shock- Horror! Vintage Motor Cycles invade Leafy Suburbia.

This was the scene at the end of the Warwickshire Sections Afternoon Tea Run. After a 40 mile jaunt through the Warwickshire country side in glorious sunshine. We were then treated to cups of Tea and home made cakes served  in the back garden of a fellow club member.

The Afternoon Tea Run.

The Afternoon Tea Run.

And Where the riders  started from, a quiet lay-by near Hatton. And very shortly the bikes started to arrive ready for the 2.00pm start of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club ( Warwickshire Sections ) Afternoon Tea Run.

The Afternoon Tea Run.

The Afternoon Tea Run.

The Afternoon Tea Run.

The Afternoon Tea Run.

Oh! and did I mention the cakes?  Many thanks go to John Reading and his team .

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Midland Red Double Decker

When I was just a lad and had to travel on public transport the usual method was West Midland Passenger Transports fleet of double Decker buses. However there was an alternative, and that was a company called Midland Red who ran a fleet of bright red coaches, but I don't ever recall a Midland Red Double Decker
I am rather proud of being in the right place at the right time ( John Peel ) and capturing this lovely old Bus
sitting on a box junction turning right on Corporation Street Coventry....and with no modern  cars around to spoil the effect.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midland_Red

Monday, 3 September 2012

Left a Bit, Right a bit!

While travelling up to North Wales at the weekend to see a pal of mine I popped into the Station at Llanfair Caereinion for a much needed Coffee, Cake and Comfort break. While there I witnessed this brilliant bit of reversing down a small lane to drop of this magnificent Traction Engine for the September Steam Gala.  http://www.wllr.org.uk/special.htm

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Prescott Speed Hill Climb.

This was my first visit  to the Prescott Speed Hill climb near Cheltenham Glos, this particular event was organised by the Vintage Sports Car Club. To be able to wander around the paddock and get close to some of these wonder full cars  was a joy, a lot of these Vintage Racers  are not over polished and contain a used patina and purposeful look about them. During the course of the day these machines were used in anger out on the Prescott hill. I have included on this post Images of some of the beautiful and fascinating detail found on these early racers...unfortunately I didn't take any notes of make or capacity of any of the cars at the event ....I think I was too overwhelmed.