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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Historic Motor Cycles by David Burgess Wise

Pencilled inside the cover of this book is the price £2 and I think I got a bargain! I picked this book  off the shelves of a charity bookshop in Stratford upon Avon, and immediately thought I must have it just for the quality and drama of the  Artistic Renderings of the machines alone.  The Illustrations are credited to a Terry Dutton of Whitecroft Designs, and I think the Artist deserves a renewed appreciation on this site.

Historic Motor Cycles

This shows a smiling Tim Wood with his Twin Cylinder Two stroke Scott, Wood won the 1913 TT on this bike  after a heroic battle with Rudge and Indian machines throughout  the race.....which may account for the big Grin!

Historic Motor Cycles

This shows the last Supercharged machine to win the TT , the international racing rules were changed after the War to Ban Superchargers. And here we have George Meier aboard his BMW which had a Supercharger mounted on the front of the crankshaft of his 500cc flat -twin BMW.  I really think this skillful rendering shows both speed and racing drama to great effect.

Historic Motor Cycles

Well I learn something new every day!  This image shows a 1938 Brough Superior Golden Dream with a flat four engine with two crankshafts geared  together for smoothness. Apparently only six examples were ever made of this 997cc luxury machine.  But I do think the background scene is just as interesting as the featured machine.

Historic Motor Cycles

Alec Bennett sits astride his Norton CSI 500cc ohc machine, presumably having a well earned refreshing drink after wining the 1927 Senior TT.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Humber Motor Cars at the 1914 TT

Like many Motor Company's Humber were keen to prove their products by entering Motor Races. One such event is the Royal Automobile Club International Tourist Trophy at the Isle of Man. The three cars entered for the 1914 event are shown outside the Mitre Hotel at Douglas. Sam Wright who also raced Humber Motor Cycles can be seen standing behind the car he raced in the event car No 20. However this car eventually retiring on lap 14 of the 16 lap race. The race was won by a Sunbeam in 10 hours 36 minutes.
I do like the smart waiter seen under the ' T ' of Hotel....haven't I seen him on Fawlty Towers?

Early Humber Motor Cars

The Image above is thought to show the Guarantee Department at the Stoke works of the Humber Motor Company taken just before the first world war.